Crazy for Crates

August 18, 2013

Aint Life "Crate?"

Well, everyone, I'm pretty much over the moon happy about THESE GUYS:

They're my two new crates I scored over the weekend.

And they're rustic.  And they're worn down in all the right ways.  And, ahhhhhh, they are SO charming!

Super bonus???  They were only five dollars a piece.  AND, my mother-in-law insisted on buying them for me.

SOOOOO ... I got them for FREE!

(((Yes, FREE!!!!)))

And I am completely thrilled.

I CANNOT WAIT to use them in my home decor.

I'm especially excited, because, if you look carefully -- you can still see some of the print work on the crates.  This one reads "Maplewood Orchard":

And that kind of detail is just SO COOL to me.

Now, they are SUPER dirty.  And, I'm still not exactly sure how I want to use them.  

But, thanks to Pinterest, and some wonderful bloggers -- I'm definitely NOT at a loss for ideas.

I loooooove what I see here... using them as a shelf/storage area:
And I'm totally into the idea of using them as a nightstand, or an end table too:

I'm also seeing a lot of folks putting them on rollers, which I think is super cute ... 

But, we'll see. :-) I'll definitely let you all know what I decide.

I'm still working on getting the blog up and running as well.  So, let's hope I get around to my new crate friends sooner rather than later.

Have a blessed week!  And let me know if you've ever scored any great crates, where you found them, and for how much!

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