My First Post!

August 14, 2013


As I sit here typing THIS ... my very FIRST blog post for Everything Home Means, I'm thinking of a certain phrase I found on Pinterest.  It said:

And, wow, do I ever think that's true.

That phrase is why I'm starting this first post with "Hello!."  I am truly hoping that by me typing this, and you reading this, a million AMAZING things are to come.  Among the possibilities, I'm definitely hoping that you find this place to be a great source of fun and information.
I'll be writing about ALL SORTS of stuff here.  But the topic will ALWAYS revolve around everything that home means to me.  This includes, but is definitely NOT limited to: DIY decorating ideas (think Fall mantel shelves,) refinishing jobs, lawn work, recipes, gift wrapping, wreath making, and MORE!

EHM is a place to discuss exactly what this blog is called!  And that's why I named it so :-).
Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read this.  And PLEASE check back for more posts soon to come.  I'll be posting quite regularly in the next few weeks, to get content up, and introduce myself even more!
Follow me on Twitter @EHM_decor for 150 characters of EHM fun.  And on my Pinterest account, for DIY decoration inspiration at: Ashley EHM.
Oh!  And, if you're not tired of me yet, check out the "About" tab. ;-)
Talk to you soon! 

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